EMX3 NEMA12 Heavy Duty Combo Starter

EMX3 NEMA12 Heavy Duty Combo Starter

EMX3 NEMA12 Heavy Duty Combo Starter package includes:

    NEMA 12 enclosure
    Circuit breaker w/flange handle
    EMX3 solid state starter
    Full horsepower bypass contactor
    Control power transformer
    Door mounted:
    - Keypad
    - Start / stop pushbutton
    - Soft start / Off / ATL switch
    - Local / remote switch
    - Reset pushbutton
    - Power on light
    - Run light
    - Fault light


    Starting: XLR-8 adaptive acceleration, constant current, kickstart.
    Running: Internal bypass, forward & reverse jog.
    Stopping: XLR-8 adaptive deceleration, soft stop, braking, coast to stop.
    Protection: Motor thermal model, motor thermistor, phase sequence, undercurrent, instantaneous overcurrent, auxiliary trip, heatsink overtemperature, excess start time, supply frequency, shorted SCR, power circuit fault, motor connection, RS485 failure, motor overload, current imbalance.
    Usability: Removable display, plain English interface, real-time clock, programmable auto start/stop, trip logs, event logs.

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